Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Time to Refocus--Lent

I stopped blogging in June when our laptop crashed. Ugh. It was so convienent! I have much to update and lots of photos to download...but that will all have to wait.

Today is Ash Wednesday and for Lent I have decided to give up my "me time". Instead, I have outlined specific areas to be cleaned/organized for each of the 40 days. My goal is to set aside 15 minutes to clean, declutter, organize and toss/donate items that are no longer useful or required.

Today I cleaned the basement toys. Two garbage bags and several hours later...the task was complete. At least for a few minutes. I doubt they will miss the tiny lego pieces or decapitated action figures -- but I will definately notice not having to incessantly pick up tiny pieces here and there throughout the day.

As I cleaned the basement, I noticed how items seem to metriculate thoughout the house. "Basement toys" seemed to be everywhere. In my room, in the bathrooms, in junk drawers and laundry baskets. Today, these toys found their home...or they found themselves in the trash.

My cleaning got me to thinking about "stuff". The "stuff" we acquire and think or believe we cannot part with. The "stuff" that we think about our "stuff" and the time spent cleaning and organizing our "stuff". Hopefully, by the end of Lent, we will not have as much "stuff". I will deal not only with the junk we have acquired, by my feelings associated with said stuff/junk. A physical, spiritual and emotional cleanse so-to-speak.

Tomorrow I tackle my closet and the finanical/emotional thoughts that seem to attach to my clothing.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Charlie’s 2nd birthday







DSC_1680 io



Sherbert “Bert” and 7th Birthday fun


Jackson got a kitty for his birthday!  Here are “Bert’s” first pictures. He’s a sweet little kitty with some spunk – he’ll fit right in with all the boys.

Jackson also swam in a swim meet on his birthday, and then came home to open a few more gifts.  What a great birthday!